Programmatic & Performance

We make the media work for you.

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic is simply a method of buying media that spreads jobs across a network of publishers to get maximum reach into the market.

We offer a broad spectrum of options from large volume campaigns across a vast network of job boards to a more bespoke solution where we combine AI Technology with a human touch, this approach means we select the best partners for your industry, control spend and manually tailor our bidding strategy based on experience, performance and market data to achieve the best ROI.

Campaigns using the right products

There are literally hundreds of products all competing for the same applications. We build campaigns using the right products to deliver the best candidates for your budget.

We only work with products that continually improve and adapt to market challenges.

  • Trusted network of job boards

  • Cost Per Click, Cost Per Apply start, Cost Per Application options

  • Title and Location expansions

  • Transparent reporting

  • Intelligent Automated Optimisations

  • Data driven buying decisions

  • Human control supported by AI technology

  • Employer Brand Campaigns

I have worked with Oliver Raine at two different companies now. The support, advice, effort and commitment to our business is first rate and without this we would not be delivering the results.

Always quick to respond, and with suggestions and ideas as to how we can expand our advertising methods. It’s been a great help to have support with data/MI and stats, particularly in such a difficult recruitment market.

The support Oliver Raine gave us with our Indeed account is over above anything we expected, campaign structure, better return on budget has been amazing.

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